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Community Housing Improvement Program
provides healthy, sustainable, affordable housing and
services to qualified residents in the North Valley

Board of Directors

Joe Feist, Chair, Chico

Dave Burkland, Vice Chair, Chico

MaryJo Alonzo, Chico
Ed Mayer, Chico
Katie Fowkes, Chico
Jan Camozzi, Chico
Jill Harris, Chico
Andy Holcombe, Chico
Mark Hooper, Chico
Fong Lo, Chico
Amy Merlo, Paradise
Joy Murphy, Orland

Associate Board Members: Sherisse Allen, Nicholas Ambrosia, Tom Barrett, Tina Bentz, Dan Blair, Harold Carlson, Candace Caldwell, Cathy Ferrell, Ramonda Flynn, Mary Goloff, Mark Gonzalez, Tom Haithcock, Vince Haynie, Andrew Holley, Fleet Irvine, Jime Jessee, Robin Jossel, Jennifer Kuyper, Tom Lando, Paul Lieberum, Chuck Lundgren, Verdine Mertens, Jocali Nakao, Anna Noel, Susan Price, Luke Reimers, Tami Ritter, Thomas Simenc, Irv Schiffman, Dolly Solomon, Donna Stewart, Robin Trenda, John Turner. .

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For more information, contact Desiree Gonzalez