CHIP Welcomes New Board Members

By Tempra Board

CHIP is pleased to welcome three new board members who have joined in the last year, and who are helping to lead the organization as it continues to provide services and maintain fiscal sustainability.

Joe Feist is a bankruptcy attorney in Chico who conducts a Foreclosure Prevention and Alternatives Seminar the first Friday of every month at Legal Services of Northern California.

Joe also conducts general pro bono work as well as assistance to members of the community on bankruptcy and consumer-related issues. He is a volunteer attorney for Legal Services and CHIP. Joe became involved with CHIP through workshops he provides to CHIP’s Community Housing and Credit Counseling Center (CHCCC). He then became an associate member and eventually was asked to join the board.

Joe says that his interest in giving back to the community led him to volunteer, and joining the board has deepened his understanding of “the massive undertakings that CHIP engages in.” He adds, “I didn’t realize the extent of the organization and all they are doing in the community.” Joe says that CHIP’s focus on low income housing is the greatest benefit to the community, needed now more than ever.

Ed Mayer is Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the County of Butte, and has worked in affordable housing, principally in program and agency administration and property development since 1989. Ed says that he has always had a keen interest in “service to those less fortunate: the homeless, low-income seniors and special needs populations, and families who have fallen upon hard times.” Though he had been aware of CHIP since the 1980s, he became more involved after becoming the Director of the Housing Authority four years ago.

Ed says that he has always been a fan of CHIP, and that his service on the board is “the natural culmination of a long road, relating to affordable housing in general, and first-time home ownership opportunity, to be specific.” He adds that “the Housing Authority and CHIP are natural allies in the work we do.” Looking ahead, Ed says that CHIP is reinventing itself to meet current challenges, and his role will be to contribute to that reinvention and re-visioning, relying on the organization’s diverse experience gained in more than two decades of work in the affordable housing industry.

John Turner is retired from the State of California’s Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), where he worked for approximately 23 years in housing and community development programs. He also worked with the State’s Department of Commerce as an economic development specialist. John first became involved with CHIP through HCD’s funding of CHIP’s housing rehab program. After John’s retirement he became an associate member and then a board member of CHIP.

Of CHIP John says “I’ve always been very impressed with CHIP’s follow through and ability to make sure projects are completed and are truly serving the population they intend to serve. I see CHIP as a very vital organization, making sure there is affordable housing for families in our community.” John acknowledges that there are challenging times ahead, and his interest is in making sure that CHIP continues to be a force in affordable housing, as well as identifying new opportunities. He adds, “I see my role is in working with CHIP as identifying other areas in which they can be effective. The subtle challenge is that you are identifying activities that are both consistent with mission and implementable.”

CHIP would like to thank these new members for their commitment to affordable housing and in strengthening CHIP to continue to meet the needs of low income families in our region.

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