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Thank you to our donors and supporters. Your support helped us raise $9,075 to bring more affordable housing to our region! Many of us have a newfound appreciation for our homes. Safe, affordable shelter is the foundation of our wellbeing. Make sure to check out the great content submissions below. 

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#1 | Cristina - Chico, CA

Home is where there are baked goods and the people you love.


#2 | Joe - Chico, CA

Home helps me find joy in the smallest of things.

#3 | Raquel - Orland, CA

Home is where you feel safe to be yourself.

#4 | Joy - Orland, CA

All of these things (in the drawing) represent home to me; sports, religion, agriculture, safety, community, culture, friends and family.

#5 | Miles - Chico, CA

Home means summer vacation. 

#6 | Jason - Chico, CA

Home means making food the way you like it.

#7 | Lucero - Chico, CA

My home is where my family is.

#8 | Jill - Chico, CA

Home means good times in the garden.

#9 | Andy - Chico, CA

Well, this is not my creativity, but that of the artist, Jeri Moore. It is entitled "Close to Home". But I have always called it or thought of it as "Dreaming of Home." I guess if we stay close to our dreams home will be found.

#10 | Mark (age 8) - Chico, CA

Home is all about the holidays.

#11 | Erin - Albuquerque, NM

Home is where the coffee is hot and I can share it with the ones I love.

#12 | Liz - Albuquerque, NM 

Home is where you can watch the sun set everyday and always be amazed. 

#13 | Robyn - Huntington Beach, CA

Home means a place where I'm with my love.

#14 | Victoria - Billings, MT

Home is where we find joy together.

#15 | Seana - Chico, CA

Home means books on the shelf and a cozy corner where I can read.