Rock The House - Rebuilding For The Future

Saturday, November 2, 2019, 5:30PM @ Sierra Nevada Big Room


Call us at 891-6931 and find the extension of the leadership member below.


Employee Ext. Email
Holly McCormick, Secretary/Treasurer &
Director of Finance & Asset Management
Jason Marr, Corporate Contractor 223
Gayle Palys, Human Resource Specialist 238
Seana O' Shaughnessy, President/CEO 240
Jill Quezada, Director of Self-Help Housing 227
Wendy Phillips, Director of Property Management 246
Kris Zappettini, VP & Director of Rental Housing 243

Board of Directors

Chair: Dave Burkland, Retired City Manager

Vice Chair: Joseph Feist, Attorney

Directors: Katie Fowkes,  Aaron Haar, Vanessa Haro, Andy Holcombe, Mark Hooper, Fong Lo, Ed Mayer, Joy Murphy, Jim Secola, Yvette Zuniga

Board Member Biographies


Interested in Associate Membership?  

Associate members are “Ambassadors for CHIP” in any way they are able. Associate members are added to our internal email list and are notified of volunteer opportunities and CHIP events, while getting the “inside scoop” on our programs.

There is no minimum time commitment, you do what you can. Examples of how you can help:

  • Like, comment and share on social media (we are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Offer workshops on financial, health, education or other services to our residents
  • Volunteer at events
  • Serve on our fundraising committee
  • Share your talents with us

Associate membership is free and is renewed annually. When a position on our board of directors becomes available, we will recruit first from our associate member pool if there is interest. 

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