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Current Residents

This page is dedicated for residents of CHIP managed apartments. Information about upcoming events and resources will be posted here. For questions please contact

Resident Services

Services are provided to tenants living in CHIP apartment communities and include the referral of residents to appropriate services available in the local area, bringing social-service delivery on site as well as organizing social or community building activities. The intent of resident services is to promote successful tenancy, provide educational enrichment for children and adults, build community, and encourage economic self-sufficiency. We need businesses, individuals and service organizations to help provide these programs. Examples of programs include parenting education, after school programs, nutrition and health services and education, technology training, financial workshops, help with community gardens and more.

Sponser a Resident Program

If you would like to sponsor a program or volunteer your time, please contact Washington Quezada at or 530.891.6931 x230

A resident at Maple Park Apartments sits in the outdoor courtyard. She is wearing a white tee shirt. She has black hair pulled back into braids. She has hoop earings. She is smiling.

Sign Up for Texting Services

This form is for current CHIP residents to sign up for CHIP Tenant Texting Services. You will receive text messages from CHIP with updates about you CHIP apartment and the resident services events that are happening at your property..

Please choose the CHIP property you are a resident at.
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