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A Letter from Dave Ferrier, CHIP’s Former President/CEO

Jan 29, 2018

A Letter from Dave Ferrier, CHIP’s Former President/CEO

To Friends, CHIP Partners and Supporters,

2018 is the 45th anniversary of CHIP’s creation and it will also be a year for CHIP to go through a smooth transition. 

I stepped down as president in February and, as you read this, CHIP is being led by an incredibly capable and highly experienced leadership team, including Interim President Kris Zappettini.  CHIP is also fortunate to have the leadership of Board Chair Dave Burkland, who will lead the effort to permanently fill my old position.

One of the things that I strived for over the past ten years was to create an environment that would facilitate this kind of change and I’m proud to say that this has been a success. 

Almost 35 years ago, in January of 1983, I was fortunate to be hired as CHIP’s Assistant Director by Executive Director Ann Harrington, despite my young age and inexperience.  For ten years, I was able to learn about affordable rental housing, self-help housing, housing rehab, accounting and much, much more. 

In 1993, the CHIP Board trusted me take over the leadership of the organization and I’ve worked hard to repay that trust and lead many amazing, talented and dedicated people to provide incredible housing in the North Valley.  During my tenure at CHIP, we’ve built more than 2,500 housing units which house more than 5,000 people, roughly the size of a community like Orland or Gridley!  We’ve raised more than $.5 Billion over that time to provide projects and programs in eight counties from Chico to Shasta Lake to Linda to Susanville.

Now, 35 years later, it’s time for me to move to the next phase of my life. I’m now the Director of Housing Programs with Rural Communities Assistance Corporation (RCAC), one of CHIP’s longest-term partners.  The position allows me to get back to focusing on housing development and, for Lisa and me, to relocate to the Portland area and be near our children and grandchildren. 

I am very confident in CHIP’s future; the organization is in great hands with the current leadership and staff.  I realize that change can cause uncertainty but I know that CHIP will move forward successfully despite any obstacles.  Change is inevitable and, I believe that change is good and healthy when managed properly.  I am confident in this team to take advantage of this opportunity to grow with the change and become even more successful.

I will continue to be active in affordable housing in California, part of RCAC’s multi-state service area, so our paths may cross again in the future.  I hope that they do.

I am tremendously grateful to all CHIP employees, board members, associate members, friends and partners, past and present, who have supported our efforts over the decades.  I truly recognize that I would have no success in my job without your success.  


Thank you again and please stay in touch with me.

Sincerely and with gratitude,

Dave Ferrier

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