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CHIP’s CEO Dave Ferrier Accepts Position with Rural Community Assistance Corporation

Dec 04, 2017

CHIP’s CEO Dave Ferrier Accepts Position with Rural Community Assistance Corporation


December 4, 2017


CHIP’s CEO Dave Ferrier Accepts Position with Rural Community Assistance Corporation


CHICO--After 35 years, Community Housing Improvement Program’s President and CEO Dave Ferrier has found a new home.

Ferrier recently accepted the position of Housing Director with Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC), one of CHIP’s longest-term partners.  The position will allow him to get focus on housing development and for him and his wife Lisa to relocate to the Portland area near family.  Founded in 1978, RCAC provides training, technical and financial resources and advocacy so rural communities can achieve their goals. 

In January of 1983, Ferrier was hired as CHIP’s Assistant Director by then-Executive Director Ann Harrington. For ten years, he learned about affordable rental housing, self-help housing, housing rehab, accounting and more. In 1993, the CHIP Board entrusted Ferrier to take leadership of the organization. 

“I’ve worked hard to repay that trust and lead many amazing, talented and dedicated people to provide incredible housing in the Sacramento Valley,” he says.  “Now, 35 years later, it’s time for me to move to the next phase of my life and leave CHIP in the hands of the dedicated staff and under the direction of a fantastic Board of Directors.”

CHIP’s CEO transition plan designates the Vice President, Kris Zappettini, as the interim president. Ferrier says, “I trust that Kris will lead the organization with strength and compassion, assisted by CFO Holly McCormick and the rest of CHIP’s Leadership Group.  CHIP is also fortunate to have the leadership of Board Chair Dave Burkland, who will lead the effort to fill the position.”

Ferrier plans to continue to be active in affordable housing in California, part of RCAC’s multi-state service area.

“I am tremendously grateful to all CHIP employees, board members, friends and partners, past and present, who have supported our efforts over the decades,” he adds. “I truly recognize that I would have no success in my job without your success.  I am also very confident in CHIP’s future; the organization is in great hands with the current leadership and staff.  I realize that change can cause uncertainty but I know that CHIP will move forward successfully despite any obstacles.”                              

Community Housing Improvement Program

CHIP is a private, non-profit corporation providing quality affordable self-help housing, rental apartment communities and housing-related services to seven Northern California counties. The organization has built more than 2,000 housing units in the North Valley since 1973.


   For more information contact:

   Kris Zappettini

   530.891.6931 x243

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