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Gridley Family Business Moves into CHIP’s Downtown Hazel Hotel

Dec 06, 2016

Gridley Family Business Moves into CHIP’s Downtown Hazel Hotel

The Makeup Room & Company has moved into CHIP's Hazel Hotel Building in downtown Gridley. The family-owned business recently moved downtown from its previous location on Magnolia Street. 

CHIP purchased the historic building and completed a $2.8 million renovation in 2000. In addition to several other retail spaces, the Hazel Hotel is also home to 13 elegant and affordable senior housing units owned and managed by CHIP. 

"With the re-established Gridley Chamber of Commerce and the renovation of the downtown plaza, exciting opportunities are being created for niche businesses in downtown," says CHIP's Director of Property Management Jon Kressin. "CHIP  is excited to be part of this transformation. The new makeup room & boutique store adds a one-stop shop for locals (and visitors) to get a massage, new hairdo, manicure and shop for clothes." 

See here for the story on Action News. 

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