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Construction Supervisor Becca Livingston Builds Career in Biggs

Oct 12, 2016
Construction Supervisor Becca Livingston Builds Career in Biggs

Construction Supervisor Becca Livingston Builds Career in Biggs

Becca Livingston from Oroville is our newest construction supervisor. She began working for CHIP in August at North Biggs Estates and it’s a job she knows she will really enjoy.

Becca grew up in a construction family, so she’s been on job sites most of her life. She enjoys construction because she loves working outdoors, and it’s one of those jobs “where you can stand back and see exactly how much it has changed and improved,” she adds, “I still find myself driving past old job sites and pointing them out to my family and friends and saying ‘see that? I built it!’ It is definitely something I am very proud of.”

When she's not working she enjoys hunting, fishing and camping. 

Becca credits one of our veteran CHIP employees for helping her get the position. “I completely owe Joe Martin for this amazing job!” she says. Becca’s sister built a house in group two of North Biggs Estates. “To keep my title as best sister in the world, I helped her with her hours anytime that I could. As a result I met Joe Martin. I later got a job working at the Ace Hardware in Gridley where Joe occasionally stops in.” Knowing her background, he mentioned the job and she applied the next day.

Her favorite part about the job is getting back into what she loves doing while helping people build a home they can have so much pride in. “It truly is an amazing thing, the opportunity to build and know your home so well.”

CHIP is hiring construction supervisors to work in Linda and Orland—if you know someone who is interested, have them visit our website or call 891-6931. 

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