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Young Murphy Commons Resident and Butte College Student Plans to Become a Surgeon

Mar 11, 2019
Young Murphy Commons Resident and Butte College Student Plans to Become a Surgeon

Young Murphy Commons Resident and Butte College Student Plans to Become a Surgeon

Marlynn Bradley moved into Murphy Commons Apartments (owned and managed by CHIP) in Chico at the age of 11, when the property first opened in 2007. She shares an apartment with her grandmother.

Marlynn, who is now 22, was recently accepted into UC Davis as a pre-med student with the goal of becoming a surgeon. She completes her second year at Butte College in May of 2019. She works on campus in the biology stockroom and grades chemistry homework as a teachers’ aide. On top of that, she has an internship and is part of the MESA (Math, Engineering & Science Achievement) Club at Butte College.

She began as an art major but became interested in biology after taking it as part of her general education. “I said, wow! This is what I want to do. I took chemistry and loved it,” she said. “So I just continued taking more upper-division science courses.”

A first-generation college student, Marlynn also took inspiration from her mother, a CNA, and her older sister who is studying to be a physician’s assistant.

Marlynn said she participated in many of Murphy Commons’ resident services events growing up, including participating in Chico State’s “F.U.N.” (Family University Night) program. CHIP has a longtime partnership with Chico State’s Child Development Program, and students visit once a week to organize educational afterschool programs and homework help for young residents. “All the staff, like Washington (CHIP’s resident services specialist) I’ve known since I was little,” she said. “They are like part of the family, and I know everyone who lives here.”

She also has warm regards for Steve, Murphy Commons’ resident manager. “Steve is very involved, and he knows everyone, which is rare for a manager. Not just their names and what units they are in, but he is interested in their personal lives.”

When she’s not working or going to school, Marlynn likes eating sushi and going to the movies with her “science friends.” Her hero is Maya Angelou. In addition to Davis, has also applied to UCLA and UC Berkeley and is waiting to hear back. She is interested in both cardiovascular and trauma surgery. She added, “I’m hoping once I get to med school that will help clear it up!” 

Congratulations to Marlynn on your current and future success! 

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